Parent Bodies 2018-2019

School Council

The School Council is the governing body of the school. It has representation from parents, staff and members of the community. The School Council is responsible and accountable for determining policy, approving budgets, approving school programs, overseeing tendering and construction of building works, purchasing of equipment and organising fundraising events.

Parent Representatives     

Adam Manson (President)

Karen Spong (Treasurer)

Cate Hill

Heath Addison

Caroline Kissel

Nicole Evans

Guy Sevior

Lee Muhktar

Tracy Foley

DET Representatives 

Stacey Pemberton

Jane Langley

Don Beaton (Executive Officer)


Parents’ Club

The Parents’ Club exists to provide support for the running of the school. A major function of the Parents’ Club is to provide support for school functions and fundraising to finance the purchase of equipment and amenities for the students. Parents’ Club also offers a relaxed and friendly forum where parents can meet and discuss ideas for improvements and meet other members of the school community. All parents are welcome to attend meetings. The dates and times are advertised in the school newsletter.

Tony Hill (President)                             

Karen McAdam (Vice President)

Lee Muhktar (Secretary)                              

Jan Dean (Treasurer)