School transport

Town Bus

The school is serviced by a Town Bus which arrives at the school at approximately 8:45 am and leaves at 3:25 pm.

The bus route is organised each year by the bus proprietors depending on demand. A map of the current bus route is available at the school office.

The town bus is a “user pays” service and is independent of the Education Department (DET).

Country Bus

Country buses arrive at the school at approximately 8:30 am and depart at approximately 3:45 pm. The country buses are a government funded service for eligible students who live a certain distance from their school. Students must be registered with PTV each term. Bus passes are available for casual travel, on receipt of written or verbal permission from parents. If you have any queries about the availability of the buses and your child’s eligibility for bus travel, please contact the school or PTV (1800 800 007).

Yard supervision commences officially at 8:30 am. Children travelling on country buses are supervised until the buses arrive in the afternoon at 3:45 pm.

All bus travellers are required to maintain a high standard of behaviour and respect the authority of bus drivers and captains to ensure safety for all bus travellers. If a child’s behaviour on the bus is not satisfactory, the bus driver or principal, after consultation with parents will decide on an appropriate course of action. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Car Park Safety

The school has a designated pick-up and drop-off zone located directly in front of the school in Andrews Street.

The zone operates between 8.00am to 9.15am in the morning and between 3.00pm to 4.00pm in the afternoon.

This means that the zone cannot be used for general parking during the above stated times.

At all other times during the day, the pick-up and drop- off zone can be used for general parking.

Parents dropping their children at school are asked to park in Andrews Street or West Boundary Road. To ensure that all children arrive and depart safely, we ask you to observe these simple rules:

  • please do not use the pick-up and drop-off zone as a parking bay;
  • please do not exceed the 40km speed limit;
  • please obey road signs
  • personally collect children from the school side of the street rather than “direct” them to cross the road unaccompanied.


Children must wear helmets and ride safely when cycling to school. Upon arrival at school bikes must be walked or ‘scooted’ to the designated area, where they can be placed in the sheltered bike racks.