Restorative Practice

At Hamilton North Primary School the aim of the whole school community is to explicitly teach, model and actively promote appropriate behaviour.

Restorative Practice Definition

Restorative Practice involves the development and enhancement of relationships and social competencies.

Restorative Practice stresses the importance of relationships and seeks to restore these relationships when they have been damaged.

It encourages children to:

  • understand the choices they make and the impact of these choices
  • take responsibility for their behaviour
  • repair any damage and/or harm

Our belief is that:

  • each individual is responsible for their own behaviour
  • teacher reactions to misbehaviour should be instructive with the aim of changing behaviour
  • building successful relationships within our school community is an essential foundation to a restorative approach

Our aim is:

  • to encourage students to learn from their mistakes, reconcile and resolve problems
  • for students to recognise and manage their behaviour
  • for teachers to facilitate a repair process using restorative language
  • to maintain healthy relationships within the school community
  • to support the development of a positive learning environment within the classroom as well as a happy and safe playground