School costs

Fee schedule (2021)

A quality learning environment requires continual investment, only part of which is funded by the government. You can help by partnering with us to ensure the best possible educational outcomes for your children.

Essential Education Items, Grades Foundation – 6

Hamilton North Primary School has spent considerable time selecting the most appropriate supplies to meet the needs of our children. The supplies used in classrooms consist of high quality materials at a competitive price due to our ability to bulk order.

In 2021 the cost per student as been set at $130.

Invoices for student supplies will be distributed to all families at the beginning of the school year. These accounts should be paid by the end of Term 1 unless other arrangements are made.
Payment plans can be arranged and may include Centrepay for those families receiving Centrelink payments. Please enquire at the office for more information.
The cost of student supplies will be reviewed each year. Unpaid student supplies invoices from this year will be carried forward to next year.
Student supplies include:
Required stationery (pens, pencils, markers, scissors), pencil cases, scrapbooks, exercise books, text books, diary, spelling book, software licences and shared classroom supplies as determined by classroom teachers. An itemised list is provided with the invoice.

Voluntary Contributions

Parents and guardians are invited to make a voluntary donation to upgrading our ICT resources and the continued beautification of our grounds. The suggested amounts per family are $35 and $15 respectively.

Camps/Excursions/Incursions/Performances (optional), Grades Foundation – 6

It is recommended that all students participate in camps/sleepovers (relevant to each grade) and the swimming program each year as these are key experiences in your child’s education. Parents/guardians will be advised of costs as they become known.
Each grade will be able to participate in one or more excursions/incursions throughout the year. The estimated cost of these excursions will be $40 per student.
Students will be able to participate in a minimum of two Performances per year. These may be held at school or at another local venue, e.g. the Performing Arts Centre. Parents/guardians will be advised of costs as they become known (estimated total expected cost $30).

Extra-Curricular and Additional Programs

Some children will participate in various extra-curricular events throughout the year (e.g. special sporting events). These events are considered optional education items, and are provided on a user-pays basis. Information (including costs) will be sent home prior to the activity and payment must be made before attending.

Families who do not have an immediate capacity to pay are able to enter into alternative and confidential payment arrangements with the school. Should you require information about financial assistance contact the school’s Principal, Ms Lizzie Tout, on 5571 2433.